3 solutions to chemical excess inventory

The excess inventory of chemical products is a financial burden for specialized companies as well as a serious threat to the environment.

What can you do with excess inventory of chemicals ?

There are not so many possibilities to get rid of dangerous products. Only three of them are currently available. You can destroy the excess inventory, you can give it back to your chemical supplier or you can resell it on the internet. For an agile company that needs to manage chemical potent product disposal as soon as possible, and with less additional costs, only the last solution is satisfactory.

Industrial excess inventory

Resell it while it’s still good

More and more modern companies are confronted to the disposal of excess inventory of chemical products. Prices of chemical components have dropped dramatically. Even rare or very potent chemical goods can be purchased by companies with very low budgets. So it is not rare that they are confronted with an excess of supplies.

But this type of excess inventory is not like any other one. It cannot be destroyed that easily. For most of the really potent products destruction means damage to the environment. A lot of them have to be eradicated following very strict regulations. This implies high processing costs.

Another solution would be to resell the products to your chemical supplier. Unfortunately this is always time consuming and it implies routing costs as well.

Resell worldwide your stocks The best solution to get rid of the chemical supplies is definitely to resell it on the internet. There is a growing demand for second hand chemical goods, providing that they are still usable. The deals are quick, transparent, and the buyer is often the one who pays for transportation costs. This solution is paramount for highly reactive companies which have already entered the digital economy and which know that a stock that is too large is synonym of unwanted management costs.

Sell my surplus stocks

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