Coralie’s portrait, chemistry & technical sales

One month after her recruitment at RMOpportunities, check out the portrait of Coralie, in charge of technical sales in the field of chemistry

coralie portrait & chemistry

Can you introduce yourself briefly ?

My name is Coralie Guillaume, I’m 23 years old and I am from the Paris area. Chemistry is my passion, I love its diversity. I also love the fact that we can find it everywhere and use it almost anywhere. After several years studying parts of it and experimenting with them, I switched to technical sales. The apprenticeship seemed very appropriate for me to make my first steps into the world of professionals.

My other passions are diving and trips.

Tell us more about your course in chemistrychimie icpme

After a license in chemical biology, a first year of MA in chemistry at the University of Paris Est Créteil and 2 internships in the organic synthesis research laboratory ICPME in Thiais, that I really appreciated, I came to a conclusion. Despite my love for chemistry, I have to say that my test tubes were never really talkative. It is thus the lack of human contact that lead me into the field of business.

This year will make it possible for me to link my talents in chemistry and in human relationships.

Why did you chose RMOpportunities for your apprenticeship?

First the fact that it is a startup really pleased me : it implied many professional challenges. I was also immediately seduced by the concept which links innovation and environment while staying in the field of chemistry.

I truly believe in this project!

After this first month, are you satisfied with your decision ?

Short answer : yes! I like my work and the atmosphere between my colleagues and I, working there makes me happy. It turns out I have more responsibilities than I thought I would have, which is great.

Most of all I appreciated the fact that we went to the CPhI in Barcelona, Spain right after my arrival. I was lucky to experience this kind of exhibition.

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