Innovation serving chemistry

CEFIC LogoThe chemical industry performance in Europe has decreased last year. Its market share has indeed gone from 17.3% in 2014 to 14.7% in 2015. This fact can be frightening but Hariolf Kottmann, CEFIC president, tells us that innovation could be the weapon of choice against this negative trend.

Our platform intends to be one of the innovative tools to fight against this decline.

Innovation and chemistry

Our platform associates innovation and chemistry. It gives a new environmental friendly and economical alternative to professionals using any kind of chemical products, to dispose of their unused stocks.

RMOpportunities drew its inspiration from existing collaborative platforms such as BlaBlaCar or eBay.

Innovation by the collaborative economy

It is an easy to use and private platform reserved to professionals that use any kind of chemical raw materials.
So you may call them surplus stocks, off-specifications or slow moving stocks … we help you to sell them off.
RMOpportunities gives through its innovation an economical advantage for the sellers as well as the buyers.

Our latest favorite innovation

Discover the mechanochemistry serving the green chemistry here – article in French:

mechanochemistryWhat we like:
First, the possibility to create metal-organic compounds more easily than before as well as new compounds that will make it possible to discover new applications (potentially therapeutic ones). The revolutionary aspect comes too from the simplification to mix reagents in different states.

The advantage of this innovation:
Thanks to the mechanochemistry, one can save money on reagents  and use less solvents.

A nice eco friendly and economical innovation !

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